RIDIhomelight becomes li:fy

The RIDIhomelight brand within the RIDI Group is transforming into the registered brand li:fy. As an abbreviated form of "light for you", li:fy will be marketed in future in the hospitality sector. The focus is firmly on creating wellbeing and engendering a sense of home from home in public places everywhere. Pleasant, good quality light makes a major contribution to achieving this aim. The products of the li:fy brand generate a cosy, pleasant ambience, not only in hotel rooms but in retail environments where light islands are increasingly used to place customers at their ease. They are perfect for student residences, residential care homes, hotels, hostels, restaurants, shopping malls, reception areas, communal lounge areas - wherever people or guests are welcomed and where they want to feel comfortable. The products of the li:fy brand are designed to provide unique, individual solutions to meet this important need.

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