Lighting Europe


DIAL GmbH is an impartial, manufacturer-independent service provider for lighting and building techlogy, and is the developer of DIALux, the software developed by planners for planners.

RIDI is a member of DIALux!

The right contact for all questions relating to lighting for almost 40 has more than 120 member companies from the luminaire and lamp industry, which are organized in the VDE (Central Association of the Electrotechnical and Electronic Industry).They not only support financially, but also make available the specialist expertise of their lighting experts.


German Association of Lighting Technology

RELUX Informatik AG

RELUX Informatik AG envisages its role as that of a service provider between the lighting industry and users, and develops light planning tools with open interfaces and access to current product data from luminaire manufacturers.

RIDI is a member of RELUX.


Association for Electrical, Electronic &Information Technologies.


Previously, the international lighting industry had no clear guidelines to guarantee the exchangeability of LED modules from different manufacturers. Since its foundation in 2010, the consortium has developed specifications for LED module interfaces. These interfaces permit simple integration of LED modules into luminaire designs and reduced design and system costs.

RIDI is a member of the Zhaga Consortium.


Central Association of the Electrotechnical and Electronic Industry

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