The li:fy product brand

Combining style with an inviting homely ambience

The li:fy brand specializes in creating a warm and pleasant lighting ambience and lending a "certain something" to any kind of room in the home.

This series is all about design, meticulous workmanship and progressive contemporary product development. Unique glass light fittings which are largely hand crafted underpin the individual and uniquely special nature of any room. li:fy is the perfect answer wherever home owners attach importance to technological excellence, quality and individuality.

Maximal individuality

Another highlight of the li:fy range: its exclusive shaded light fittings.

Using modern design methods and with the concentrated expertise of the entire RIDI Group, li:fy is able to address practically every individual customer preference. No matter whether it's the shade colour, size or shape - li:fy produces each light fitting just the way the customer specifies, making each and every one a reflection of the owner's personality.

Quality made by RIDI

Needless to say, the familiar "Quality made by RIDI" pledge applies equally to all the li:fy products.

Fields of application

li:fy products are particularly suited for the following applications:

  • Private rooms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Nursing homes
  • Student residences
  • Sales situations
  • Prestigious offices
  • High-end public buildings

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Discover the individual world of li:fy and visit the li:fy product website.

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li:fy product world

Find out more about the li:fy product world by visiting the li:fy product website.

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