The RIDI product brand

Technical luminaires, system luminaires, continuous lighting systems, louvre luminaires and our own LED lamps

The RIDI product brand is all about outstanding functionality, innovative technology and maximum efficiency.

The use of high-quality materials and superb workmanship, an exceptional vertical depth of production and strict quality controls all work together to ensure that every luminaire leaving our factory gives our customers the solid assurance of "Quality made by RIDI".
A flagship example is the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system, which is used predominantly for large-area installations. RIDI technical luminaires provide an impressively functional design with the emphasis on high-efficiency, durability and highly resistant lighting solutions.

LED made by RIDI

LED technology demands a fast response to the market. This is why RIDI took the decision in 2012 to launch its own in-house LED lamp production. A truly revolutionary move was the development of the RIDI-TUBE, a lamp with an innovative lamp base system which replaces conventional T16 and T26 lamps. This allows classical and proven RIDI luminaire models to be simply changed over for use with efficient LED technology.

On our own in-house LED assembly lines, LED modules are also manufactured for flat luminaires, downlighters and spotlights. Here too, the same stringent standards of quality are maintained and monitored.

Fields of application

RIDI products are particularly suited to the following applications:

  • Surface mounted and pendant luminaires
  • Floor standing luminaires
  • LINIA continuous lighting systems
  • Recessed luminaires
  • Sports hall lighting
  • Downlighters
  • LED luminaires
  • Lighting tracks and spotlights
  • Industrial luminaires and display lights
  • Diffuser and wall luminaires
  • Luminaires with higher protection rating
  • Emergency lighting and lighting control

RIDI product website

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