We would be very pleased to welcome interested RIDI Group customers at RIDI in Jungingen or in Berlin/Zeuthen at  BERLUX. No matter whether you make the journey to Jungingen or Zeuthen, the content of the seminars is the same and unique to RIDI.

All seminar participants are also offered an insight into our world of work and have the chance to visit our state-of-the-art production facilities.

We take care to make the experience a pleasant one for all comers, providing board and accommodation as well as possible outings to the surrounding area.

Our campusteam looks forward to welcoming you in Jungingen or Zeuthen.

Seminar details DIALUXevo Beginner

  • Evo Easy, GUI
  • Geometry I + II
  • Furniture, objects, and materials
  • Luminaires I
  • Calculation

Seminar details DIALUXevo Advanced

  • Light scene
  • Geometry III
  • Furniture, objects, and materials
  • Luminaires II
  • Visualisation
  • Normative evidence
  • Expenditure
  • Issuing of certificates


Handling light
- Learn how to properly handle light within modern interior design concepts.
- Which light is right at which time?
- Can artificial light promote health?

Understanding technology
- What are modern LED systems capable of?
- What do I need to bear in mind when controlling and dimming lights?

Light tools
- Hands-on: Get to know and apply new products.

During a tour of operations, you will also witness the production process, taking you from the raw material to the completed lights.


  • Properly handling light.
  • Learn how to create lighting concepts.
  • Rules and specifications (ASR A3.4 / EN 12464-1 etc.)

Project manager - IHK (m/f/d) *IHK certificate*

This course is oriented towards anyone involved with project-oriented planning, budgeting and controlling of services during everyday working life, or those integrated in project teams or responsible for leading projects as the team or project leader. The course is also suitable for students of specialisations employing project management as a standard method. The course is particularly well suited to industrial specialists or administrative staff subject to budget constraints and involved in complex customer projects or their own investment projects.

The course also offers excellent development potential for staff from freelance institutions, which are generally responsible for a high proportion of planning tasks. Key industries ideally suited to the course: Capital goods producers, production industries, providers of complex services, PR, construction companies, planning offices, administrations, etc.

Certified DIAL lighting technician

A ‘Certified interior lighting technician (pursuant to DIN 67517)’ has comprehensive knowledge in the field of lighting technology and is capable of applying this knowledge to the planning and the operation of indoor lighting systems. The three training modules, ‘Lighting for beginners’, ‘Lighting for advanced learners’ and ‘Electrical engineering for beginners’, will provide you with the knowledge necessary to become a ‘Certified lighting technician’. The certification will be awarded as soon as the final exams of each of the three training modules have been successfully completed. If you already possess sufficient knowledge, you can also register for the exams without having to attend the training modules. Registration for each module’s final exam can be done individually. The exams always take place on the third day.

Module 1: 
Lighting for beginners/Expertise in Lighting (three days)

Module 2:
Lighting for advanced learners (three days)

Module 3:
Electrical Engineering for beginners (three days)

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