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The RIDI Group of companies operates several locations across the whole of Europe. These are closely interlinked and controlled by the company headquarters in Jungingen in  Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

The company group is arranged to ensure that each individual product completes the whole range of manufacturing processes in-house. Starting from the idea, to the development stage right through to the finished product, everything takes place within the RIDI Group. A good number of finished articles are actually delivered right to the customer's door by one of our own  vehicles.

RIDI Group Brands

Further information about our three product lines and brands:




Our fields of expertise

Design and development

In the beginning is the idea. Many years of experience and technological expertise allow us to quickly turn an idea into a finished product. Clearly defined processes and modern innovation management mean that we can respond quickly and flexibly to market changes.

New luminaires are continuously being developed and proven models optimised or adjusted to new technologies and circumstances using state-of-the-art CAD technology.

The use of special software  enables the three-dimensional depiction of luminaires on the screen and the simultaneous transmission of data to the production facilities..

This capability means that we can respond quickly to individual customer requests and implement non-standard models in record time.


Lighting and application technology

Light is not simply light. The luminaires of tomorrow are thoroughly gauged and tested in the RIDI technology department, allowing us to ensure that only top quality, and importantly also highly efficient luminaires are produced in the future, in keeping with our "Quality made by RIDI" pledge.

Using a photogoniometer and Ulbricht sphere, RIDI lamps and luminaires are gauged for the purposes of classification. The light flux and spectral radiant power are determined and imported directly into the lighting programs in the form of three-dimensional light distribution data, where they are further processed.

The precise determination of luminaire and lamp data is a basic requirement for correct lighting planning.



Ultra-modern, ultra-flexible production facilities manufacture completely formed and edged luminaire housings and assemblies as well as punched blanks, small components and accessories from a range of different raw material formats.

The highly automated production processes in place  guarantee an excellent and consistent standard of product quality. Depending on the part, piece numbers range between one and several hundred thousand. We manufacture both to customer order and also for stock.

Special teams are available from across the different brands for the individual production of bespoke products to customer order or to project specification. These form a separate manufacturing centre within our series production, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to individual customer requests.


Surface processing

RIDI adds a touch of colour. Using state-of-the-art coating lines, the luminaires are painted in a range of standard colours or to special customer order. Only  the environmentally friendly powder coating method is used, which also guarantees premium quality surface properties.

The almost fully automatically operating system is also extremely energy efficient, fast and sustainable in its use of resources.



Turning components into units. In the assembly department a series of different components is transformed into  finished products. To ensure compliance with our stringent product quality aspirations, we attach enormous importance to hand crafting, although the assembly department naturally makes use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Whether it's a high-quality parabolic mirror louvre or a complete luminaire: all the parts are put together in our own in-house assembly department and individually inspected. Every luminaire that leaves our factory is guaranteed in compliance with our stringent "Quality made by RIDI" pledge.



Shaping the technology of the future. The first RIDI-TUBE was created back in 2012 in our own LED development department. The RIDI-TUBE is as easy to change as a conventional T16 or T26 lamp.

With our own in-house LED fitting lines, we are able to produce adapted LED modules. Without reliance on external suppliers, we can quickly and independently react to  growing demands.

Flexible LED fitting provides the perfect conditions for adjustment to different types of luminaire and permits the best possible lighting result to be achieved with maximum energy efficiency.



Taking the direct route. Using modern warehousing technology and established logistics concepts, we operate an exceptionally efficient logistical system. By directly linking production and the shipping centre, we are able to dispatch our products with the utmost speed to customers.

With our logistics centres in Jungingen and Zeuthen, we have implemented one of the most up-to-date logistics concepts anywhere across the luminaire industry. Fully automatic warehousing technology allows us to transport all delivery units via loading zones with the utmost flexibility without loss of time to the customer. Using its own vehicle fleet, RIDI is able to quickly and directly manage deliveries throughout Germany and the neighbouring European countries.

The high-bay warehouse in Jungingen - facts and figures:
Design:                         Silo with 3 aisles
Length:                         120 m
Width:                           14 m
Height:                          22 m
Pallet compartments:   6500
Rack handling devices: 3


Lighting system planning

Room lighting helps to influence human mood and so deserves to be thoroughly planned. To allow an impression of the overall lighting plan to be obtained even before the project is actually implemented, we use professional light planning software and we employ specially trained lighting planners.

Our lighting planners are able to draw on an extensive pool of experience, and draw up individual lighting solutions for each individual customer. Also integrated into the planning process are the relevant standards, architectural circumstances, furnishing and utilization profiles as well as daylight, while never losing sight of the ultimate objective of achieving maximum lighting convenience coupled with maximum energy efficiency. Our lighting planners always find the optimum blend of background lighting, local accentuation and workplace illumination. The wide product portfolio of the entire RIDI Group means that our lighting planners can lend any room its own individual character without compromising on energy efficiency and design.

We are partners to DIALux and RELUX.



The RIDI Group sales structure is organised to ensure optimum customer support. A close-meshed network made up of a large team of sales partners means that we are always available at close proximity to our customers. We listen to what they tell us, take the time to address their individual needs and work with them to find the best solution for every application.

When it comes to providing advice, designing and implementing suitable lighting systems, a close-meshed network of RIDI sales team members and representatives is in place across Germany and the whole of Europe. Regular training courses ensure that our sales employees and partners are kept abreast of the latest innovations and developments at all times.

Due to a consistent policy of networking and a continuous flow of information between all RIDI Group business units, global or transregional projects can be tackled and implemented efficiently.


Seminars and workshops

Knowledge straight from the horse's mouth. We offer regular seminars and workshops in Jungingen and Zeuthen for customers, light planners and architects. Participants can find out about current changes in legislation, glean information about LED innovations or learn how to use DIALux and RELUX planning software through practical hands-on exercises.

As well as imparting lighting technology knowledge and product information, our seminars and workshops also focus on becoming better acquainted with the whole of the RIDI world. Participants find out the secret behind our "Quality made by RIDI" claim, and gain a valuable insight into our producing locations. They also have the chance to experience how new products are developed in our various laboratories.

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