Quality and warranty

Reliability and a long service life

Quality is always the number one priority for RIDI products. Our primary concern is to ensure that we can be justly proud of every product that leaves our factory. By imposing the most stringent expectations on ourselves and by setting high quality standards and controls, we are able to guarantee consistently high product quality. The legendary "Quality made by RIDI" encompasses every one of our product brands.


Our ISO Certificate, our LED warranty declaration and Test Data Acceptance certification are available as a download:

ISO Certificate 9001

ISO Certificate 50001

LED Warranty Declaration

Test Data Acceptance Program 2 (VDE)

Test Data Acceptance Program 3 (VDE)

Our quality pledge

To allow us to achieve outstanding quality of manufacture, we impose the most stringent demands on ourselves and on the materials we use. By implementing high standards in our development and production, we are able to guarantee consistent, reliable quality.

Quality management and what this means for the assurance of quality across development, production, assembly and maintenance, takes top priority at every one of our locations.

Our depth of production enables the implementation of almost seamless quality management - from the raw material through to the end product.
Every product that leaves our company has been subjected to exhaustive testing and complies with the very highest quality standards.

Impartial reviews by the VDE Institute, which take the form of regular and detailed audits, also testify to our quality management system in compliance with ISO 9000.

We have a commitment to our customers to guarantee the technically sophisticated, safe and almost maintenance-free condition of our products. We are proud to put our name to the products we supply to customers in keeping with our "Quality made by RIDI" pledge.


Our warranty pledge

As we produce all our LED modules and RIDI LED TUBES in-house in our main production plant, and consequently are able to provide an absolute guarantee of quality, we promise to supply our customers with an equivalent replacement delivery for a period of 10 years.

We provide a 5 or 3 year warranty on LED modules, LED control gear and other LED components (5 years for products with a nominal service life of ≥ 50,000 operating hours, 3 years for products with a nominal service life of < 50,000 operating hours).

The warranty is applicable across Europe, but can also be extended on request to other countries.
It covers exclusively product failures due to material, design or production faults.

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