Mission statement

Our vision

We cover the entire spectrum of indoor lighting. Whether for offices, exclusive conference rooms or halls, we provide the perfect solution for every kind of project. Corporate thinking or concentrating solely on profit remain alien concepts to us. We take time for our customers' concerns, we pay close attention to what they tell us and work together with them to come up with the very best possible solution. As a second-generation family firm, people form the focus of all our actions. We lend support to colleagues, customers and associates in our daily work and beyond. We always give that little bit more than people expect of us. 

Our mission

We never compromise between design, technology and functionality, but seek to combine ultra-modern technology with  ground-breaking design. We inspire and enthuse our customers with meticulously engineered lighting solutions which make us clearly stand out from our competitors. Because we listen and we maintain close proximity to our customers, we are able to turn new challenges into innovative products and solutions. Through the flexibility and individuality afforded by bespoke production, combined with the planning, production and sales expertise of a large-series manufacturer, we aim to not only meet the high aspirations of our customers, but to exceed them. The entire RIDI Group maintains an in-depth exchange across all departments, locations and national borders which allows us to come up with the very best solution for every one of our customers. Customer satisfaction is the benchmark by which we measure our performance with every new day.

Our employees

For us, our employees are more than simply a workforce, they are partners we can be justly proud of. They form the foundation of our success. By implementing a program of continuous training and further education, and by investing in pioneering technologies, we are able to offer our employees a work environment that modern, varied and motivating. We are  particularly proud to have created a working ambience in which our employees feel secure and at ease . Working for RIDI is founded on shared experience between colleagues and the assurance that we may all depend on each other. Thanks to flexible working hours, we are able to support our employees in their endeavour to plan the individual work-life balance that is right for them. The works canteen at our headquarters in Jungingen with its own chef and dedicated kitchen staff offers freshly prepared breakfasts and lunches. A range of healthcare services and check-ups are offered free of charge at regular intervals during working hours. We encourage healthy relaxation as a change from the everyday world of work, and support activities such as the active RIDI  Light Rider mountain bike group, for example by providing equipment.

Our customers

We are keen to understand what our customers want. We wish to be in a position to always offer solutions, even if the requirements appear unresolvable at first glance. We are facilitators. No matter what the challenges, we work towards addressing our customers' requirements and are proud of the many large and small projects we have implemented in cooperation with them. To live up to this aspiration across every level of the company, we concentrate our efforts at RIDI on implementing an in-depth, active exchange between Development, Production and Sales. Our warranty conditions are geared towards the customer, and the same applies to our support and service back-up. Particularly after completion of a project. We always keep an ear open for what our customers have to say, and do everything in our power to strengthen their confidence in us in the interests of a solid and lasting partnership.

Our suppliers

In dealing with suppliers too, we work on the principle of good relations, enduring partnership and mutual trust as a matter of course. This is why it is essential for us to know our suppliers, to maintain personal contacts with them and to be clear and open about our concerns. Under the bottom line, good suppliers guarantee a good end product, which benefits both us and our customers.

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