Phase of Life House in Tübingen wins the German Old Age Award 2016 of the Robert Bosch Foundation

How can people be in control of a high quality of life in their own home into their old age? What role therefore can building automation and technology play here? These are the questions that drive the Phase of Life House team. To answer these questions, the team has created a place in Tübingen for demonstration, research and knowledge transfer.

The panel is impressed by how sophisticatedly the project fathoms the potentials of technology and environmental engineering for matching a way of life to the phase of life. Technology alone is never seen as the solution for complex social challenges, people and their needs as a social entity are the priority. The panel of the German Old Age Award considers the vision of applying technical and social innovations to facilitate togetherness and independence in one's own four walls to be especially future-facing and extremely worthy. The Phase of Life House wins the top prize of the main German Old Age Award.

RIDI Group and the Phase of Life House project


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